I help Financial Service businesses grow their business with certainty and confidence of never having to worry where the next client will come from.


Have you have asked yourself any of the following questions:

  • How do I get more high-value clients?
  • How do I sell without being without being “pushy” or applying old-school sales tactics that make you feel “dirty”.
  • How do I position myself as the natural choice for my client's needs?
  • How do I stand out in the market and cut through the noise?
  • How do I stop trading time for money and get the time and freedom I desired when I started my business?
  • How do I price my products profitably and still attract the right kinds of clients that are eager to work with me?
  • How do I transition my business into the new online world and the leverage and opportunities that come with it?

I help Business consultants and professional service providers to generate unlimited high-value clients, deliver their services in a leveraged way and transform the lives of their clients along the way.

I am a big believer that the Number 1 killer of most businesses is a lack of a consistent and reliable supply of clients. Not just any clients but clients that are willing to show up, do their bit, pay you for what you are worth

That was certainly my case with my first business.

I started my first business with a great plan, good intentions, a great vision to impact my clients. I focused on producing great work and honing my technical skills hoping that as long as I did the right things by clients and produced great work, people would come banging down my doors and tell everyone about me.

While all that is great (in fact, doing good work is a given), very soon I found out that I was the best-kept secret. I had to find a sustainable way to generate quality clients and avoid the dreaded feast and famine cycles that most consultants go through.

After years of working with countless business, learning, testing and documenting what works and what doesn’t, my team and I come up with proven systems and formulas that could accelerate your sales and growth without any guesswork.  The secret lies in

  • Positioning yourself at the natural choice for your client’s needs.
  • Profitably acquire the right kinds of clients (with certainty and predictability).
  • Delivering your solution in a way that allows you to provide maximum value, without having to always trade time for money and maximise your profits over the lifetime of working with your clients.

I see too many great consultants that could be transforming lives shut their doors. While they are great at what they do no one starts a business because they want to spend hours cold calling, running up and down a million networking meetings, following up … and all the 'million and one' that comes with generating clients.

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