Lessons on Personal & Business Growth

On this site, I share everything I’ve learnt (and still learning) from my personal and business growth. Hopefully, my life lesson can help can get to your goals faster, without making the same mistakes I’ve made.

Honestly, I’m humbled that you want to learn more about me. Am not that great at tooting my own horn or sharing my story, unless if doing so will inspire someone to learn from my boneheaded mistakes or the things I’ve done well.

I wish I had one of those, “I was once poor, then I discovered this magical secret and now I am filthy rich”, but no. My story is still unfolding and is probably as ordinary as yours.

I am yet to build my career to the level of success I want and am still learning and evolving as a person. With creating this site, I wanted to share my journey and the raw lessons I am learning as I build a business that will stand the test of time.

For a bit of context,
I was born and raised in Kenya until the age of 20. In 2003, with nothing but a suitcase, pure optimism and big dreams, I immigrated to Australia to pursue university studies.

While pursuing my IT degree, my eyes were fully opened to power and opportunities online.

Over the next decade, I worked on several positions in the digital space from a software engineer, consultant to a digital marketer.

I did a lot of side-hustling over the years but in 2012, as a recently married man, I took the huge plunge and quit my job to do my thing full time.

If anyone ever told you that entrepreneurship is easy, they are probably trying to sell you something. Although we were able to work with amazing clients and do some great work, I probably underestimated the toll business was going to take on myself and my family.

I’ve always been a confident person but who knew that over the next few years, I would come to terms with the dark side of entrepreneurship. Like many entrepreneurs (possibly you, my dear ready), I had to confront:

  • That dreadful feeling of inadequacy: when you feel like an imposter, a fake with nothing to offer…like someone will discover that ‘you don’t what you’re doing eventually’.
  • The daily emotional rollercoaster. At one point you feel like you are on top of the world and the next you feel like an abject failure.
  • Feeling distracted and confused over a multitude of daily decisions and choices. When you work for someone you can just stick to your little lane. Now, here you are on your own with so many things to juggle and in many cases, with no one to give you direction.
  • The personal cost of entrepreneurship on my health and family. My weight ballooned, my debts rose, I was always exhausted, sometimes easily irritable. I’m so blessed that I am married to a patient and kind wife otherwise not many people could hang in there that long.

In late 2018, due to some personal tragedies and the added stress of running a business, I decide to hit the reset button and take a break from running my own business.

The hard lesson
The one thing I would attribute to burning out and eventually taking a break from the business was this: like many people, I focused on growing the business and not growing the business person.

It’s not enough to focus on the tactical side of growing your career, you have to look after yourself.

Moving forward
Since then, I have been on a deep journey of healing and personal growth. I used to scoff at the term ’ self-care’ and regarding mindset work as too woo-woo …. how naive was I?

I’ve invested a lot in my health, mindset, relationships and other things that matter.

And, yes, my wife and I recently welcomed our firstborn, our little handsome champion Ian. I can’t tell you how much full my heart is.

I’m now back in business, focussed and on a growth trajectory.

Now that you understand a little more about my story, you’ll understand my motivation for setting up my website, podcast and blog. I genuinely want to share all the hardcore lessons that I have learnt along the way, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I have made.

You can achieve your dream without having to sacrifice the things that matter.