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Don’t just believe in yourself, back yourself up 100%

Hi guys. Here is a quick thought. Most people don’t have a problem with believing in themselves. However, they don’t act on that belief and back themselves up 100 percent. You probably know those people who are very talented. They have the skills and talents. Probably have been talking about starting a business for a long time with the belief that they can actually do better than what they are currently doing. But they have never really taken that step. Maybe you feel that way about yourself. Knowing too well that running a business could go really well or you may fall flat on your face.

There are many aspects with starting a business. Do you believe that it’s safe enough to back yourself and get investing in your business? For example, investing in marketing or hiring a consultant. So it’s not just about believing in yourself but back yourself up a hundred percent. It could go either way but you have to believe in your capacity to be able to do the things that you want to do. So don’t just believe in yourself. Back yourself.

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John Kiama