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Welcome To My Personal Blog

Thoughts on Business & Life

How to stay focused and grow your business steadily

Hi guys. I just wanted to share something that I’ve been trying in my business for the last six or so months that has been working really really really well. This is not like an original…

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Don’t just believe in yourself, back yourself up 100%

Hi guys. Here is a quick thought. Most people don’t have a problem with believing in themselves. However, they don’t act on that belief and back themselves up 100 percent. You probably know those people who…

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Surround yourself with great people

Hi guys. You know that little saying that your network will determine your net worth. Recently, I had a really good catch up with a good friend of mine. We were just sharing about our businesses.…

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You don’t need more skills and experience

Hi guys. Here is a quick thought. I have had lots and lots of very interesting conversations with many of my friends who are really good at what they do but feel that they are not…

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5 key mindsets for building a successful business in Adelaide

Many people regard Adelaide as one of the toughest markets in Australia to start and grow a business. In fact, there is even a common saying, “If you can make it in Adelaide, you can make it everywhere”.

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Welcome to my blog

Inside everyone one of us is a unique story, valuable lessons and knowledge that needs to be shared with the rest of humanity. Sometimes, it’s so easy to discount what we know and the value it can bring to people around us.

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