Why does your business need a Client Generation Blueprint?

No one ever attempts to construct a building without a blueprint, but most companies approach their client generation by winging it. You can instead emulate what every successful company has ... a client generation and growth plan. Our proprietary Client Generation Blueprint the best strategies for every stage of your customer lifecycle.


"We honestly cannot thank John enough for his amazing knowledge. We were in tech-freak-out mode and he calmly listened to our business strategy and created a plan to match our online services. He is authentic and made us feel like we could ask him anything at all along the way"

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Custom Growth Strategies

Our blueprint gives you 5-10 growth strategies specific to your business. These recommendations are based on testing not just what’s worked for you but comparing external data. That way you have a specific implementation roadmap that you can follow to grow your business. You can feel confident that you these recommendations are backed by data.


Ideal Client Profiles

Our blueprint process will dig deep into your ideal audience demographic, psychographic and geographic data to help you get crystal clear on your prospects and buyers and their needs. That way your communication and offer will resonate with your audience and increase your sales. You will never have to stress out and waste resources marketing to people who will never buy from you.


Marketing Channels

Which marketing channels will give you the best ROI and which one should you avoid altogether?
With marketing channels popping out everywhere, our blueprint will help you zero in the right channels based on your competitive landscape. The way your cost of client acquisition will go down while your profits go up. So you never have to get overwhelmed in your marketing or waste time and resources on channels that never give you results.


Sales Process Optimisations

Based on everything we’ve learnt from your business, our blueprint will recommend tweaks you can make to your sales process. That way you’ll start noticing significant changes in your conversions and sales



1.Analyse & Benchmark

You'll start by answering simple questions about your sales and marketing along with a few other key metrics and my team and I will start digging through the numbers and identify where we can improve and the opportunities ready to be exploited in your sales process (trust me....the opportunities are always there)


2.Understand Your Sales Process

The best marketing plans begin by understanding how customers react to your offer and where they are dropping off in the sales process.

To make the most of this stage, it's important that we speak to the person who talks to your prospects on a daily basis.


3.Understand Your Marketing Process

Here we'll dig deep into the marketing channels and strategies you've already tested. The goal here is to understands what's working best and where the gaps are. Of particular importance is to understand how leads are passed to sales and your process for following up cold leads. Identify any gifts help us uncover more opportunities for conversions and sales.


4.Understand Your Online Systems

The wrong online systems could mean the difference between a great customer experience, more sales and referrals or customers falling through the cracks and running a business that cannot grow.  By understanding the system you use to attract, capture, nurture, sell and deliver your services we identify opportunities to improve your customer experience, increase sales and scale your business.


5.Present The Blueprint

My team and I will spend hours researching and putting together your blueprint. Once it's ready, we'll schedule a time to go through the blueprint and provide additional information explaining the background and how we arrived at our recommendations.



And many others ....

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