Behind the scenes: How I am building my new website and personal brand

Over the next couple of months, I’m in the process of building a brand spanking new website. This current website is just something I quickly whipped together because I wanted to start sharing stuff with y’all and not keep procrastinating or give in to perfectionism.

The perfectionist side of me wanted to wait until everything is perfect and then launch but that would go against everything I am trying to achieve here. See, my goal is here is to document my journey and share my the raw lessons with y’all. So I figured, why don’t I share how I am building my new website and personal brand online?

So here is what’s going down. I have divided the process into 3 stages:

  1. Stage 1: Planning & Laying Down a solid foundation for your personal brand
  2. Stage 2: Building stuff.
  3. Stage 3: Promotion

Stage 1: Planning & Laying Down a solid foundation for your personal brand.

This is the most critical stage of the process and one that is often overlooked, even by people like myself who have been doing this thing for the last 16 years. This is how most people build their website or personal brand: they look around and see what everyone is doing then just copy and modify. While it’s good to find inspiration from others, this is fundamentally wrong because:

  • You don’t understand their underlying strategy and therefore you’re just playing catch up or wasting your effort doing things that do not really make sense to you.
  • You soon realise that this is harder than you thought and start procrastinating.
  • You look, feel and sound just like everyone else.

If you take the time to go through the process, you should have:

  • Total clarity of your market, ideal audience and offer.
  • Your message to the market dialled in so you know exactly what to say on each platform (website and social media).
  • A clear plan for the content you need for your website and social media.
  • A good understanding of your brand archetype and how to position yourself in the market.
  • A strategy for building subscribers.

Now that you know what to expect, let’s dive into the process and the what you need do:

  1. Uncover your story.
  2. Identify your market/industry and ideal customer.
  3. Build your offer.
  4. Build your message.
  5. Put together your content plan.

Stage 2: Building stuff.

This is the technical end of the equation. This is where we’ll be building the website and putting all the bits and pieces together.  

  • Planning and wire-framing your website.
  • Designing your website. I’ll touch on design principles so you can build something you’ll be proud of.
  • Building your website with WordPress.
  • Adding tracking codes so you can monitor your web visitor and understand what is going on in your website.
  • Integrating your website with your email list building software.

Stage 3: Promotion 

Now that you have a solid online asset, it’s time to let the whole world know about…ok, maybe not the whole world but your ideal audience. I’ll show you how to promote your new fancy site so that more people can experience your awesomeness.

Next Steps

If you want to come on this journey with me and work on your personal website alongside with me, then I would be more than happy to guide you along. I am planning on hosting 3 sessions via Zoom or Youtube live via on my channel. These sessions will be free (no catch).  

I suggested you sign up to my mailing list below so I can notify when the sessions are ready to start and also so I can send you the agendas and materials.

If there is anything else you would like me to cover please post it in the comment section

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