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How to stay focused and grow your business steadily

Hi guys. I just wanted to share something that I’ve been trying in my business for the last six or so months that has been working really really really well. This is not like an original concept that I came up with, it is something that I learned from Taki Moore

Here is the link to the original article The 5 Ones,

So Taki Moore has a concept called the five ones. Right. What that means is he suggests that you try one target more market like pick one target market or niche, have one product, not two one product for that target market, have one conversion tool whether it’s a webinar or whatever it is you use to convert people, have one source of traffic and stick it out for a whole year, like one year.

This has been like a big game changer for u. What I find when it comes to running a business is (and that is something that I’ve struggled with) is we never stick through something long enough and repeat enough to see the benefits that come from doing something repeatedly for a very very long time. 

So what happens is sometimes we will try different marketing approaches and then just before that marketing approach really works or you start to get the results you move on to the other thing.   I can’t blame you because we’re living in a very noisy and very crowded market. Every new day there seems to be another social media channel or a new marketing strategy. A few years ago the rave was about funnels and then social media this and that. There’s just too much noise and people feel the need to keep trying the new shiny toys and we never really dedicate ourselves fully to just going really really deep in one concept and just like really mastering it and just getting really really good at it.

 So I guess what I’m what I’m trying to suggest is maybe give it a go. How about reading of the article and see what you think and consider just picking one target market having one product having one conversion tool.

What I can tell you from my own experience of picking one market is we’ve made a decision to only work with people in the finance sector: mortgage brokers and finance brokers. We’ve only got one product which is a lead generation solution and we’ve got a couple of conversion funds but we’re kind of nailing it down to one. And what we’re finding is the fact that we’ve only got less to do. It means the marketing has been a lot more simple because I’m not talking to everyone I’m just talking to a very small select group of people. I found out when it comes to fulfilling the product, you know delivering like the stuff that people buy from you, is a lot easier. This week I did three client websites and you are talking designing them building them writing all the content and doing a whole bunch of stuff just because it’s a lot easier. I know my industry is so well I know exactly what my client needs you know and it just I don’t have to think through. I just cannot it’s just easy to just going to implement.   Marketing is easier fulfilling the services is easier. It’s easy to sort of kind of you know get people in and take them through a very set process and I am planning to stick it out and just kinda keep doing that. In the benefit, we’re finding is that because you stick at it you stick it through with one product.

It also gives you a chance to really horn in the product and improving it and remove the Kings then even your customer comes in. The product gets better and better and better and better and better. So that’s something we’ve tried and I just I honestly cannot believe that I haven’t tried it tried these all my years of business and I mean look at it this way the things we commit to for a long time and we put a lot of focus on tend to thrive right.

So anyway I’m not going to keep rambling on I. I just read the article try it out in the business have I think about it and if you’re like me who is someone who is probably struggling with focus and trying different things and you find whatever I’m talking about resonating I would like knowing your comments and then we can hopefully we can keep this conversation going. Hopefully, that was helpful and have a good rest of the day.

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John Kiama