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You don’t need more skills and experience

Hi guys. Here is a quick thought. I have had lots and lots of very interesting conversations with many of my friends who are really good at what they do but feel that they are not accomplishing as much as they wanted.

What I believe is that you need more courage and confidence than you need skills and experience when it comes to accomplishing what you need to accomplish. Most of us tend to give ourselves the excuse that I need to go and acquire all these skills or have all these experiences behind me before I can actually venture and do things that are beyond my comfort zone. Well in most cases, what we need is that sense of courage and confidence and believe in ourselves that what we know is enough to help people or make a difference in our field of work. Winston Churchill had once said ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal. The courage to continue is what counts’.

Building skills and experiences is important. However, you need to build your self-confidence and courage to increase your motivation and drive. Take more steps out of your comfort zone to do more. Hopefully, that helps. Go get em.

John Kiama