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Surround yourself with great people

Hi guys. You know that little saying that your network will determine your net worth. Recently, I had a really good catch up with a good friend of mine. We were just sharing about our businesses. And then just out of the blue, she said ‘Oh have you thought about this about this product’. That one little idea alone is probably going to be a product or something that is going to be very big value to my business. If I didn’t have her as a friend, I probably would have missed out on that opportunity.

It had me thinking, we are very privileged to have mediums where we can connect with people. What I believe is every single person you meet has the potential of being one of these four things. They can either be a sale as they might want your goods or services. Could be a potential partner for projects & work tasks. They may end up being a door opener for you. What really surprises me is how intricately we are connected. Like the degree of separation in LinkedIn and Facebook and all these networks. It’s very very small. So every single person you know probably knows a whole bunch of other people who know other people. You would be surprised how much how easy it is for people to open doors for you based on who they know and who is in the network.

Lastly, it could just be a good friend & a good connection. Good for your social life. I encourage you to just go out and build your networks. Make sure to add value to your networks and share value to other people. What you give out in terms of value to other people will always come back tenfold. Let’s keep connecting.

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John Kiama