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Just say no

No is that scary word we all hate to say. We don’t want to hurt people and therefore we end up pilling up commitments because we do not want to break hearts or let other people down.

Someone wise once told me that the minute you say “Yes” to one thing, you say “No” to something else and I could not agree more. Looking back every time, I took on more commitments and thought I could fit it all in, I ended up either dropping the ball or so worn on by the weight of the commitments. As a result, I mostly found mostly resentful to the same people I tried to help.

So one of my goals for 2021 is to use the word “No” more often.

  • No to other people’s agendas that don’t line up with my agenda
  • No to seemingly good opportunities that do not align with my long term vision.
  • No to societal expectations that do not align with my core values.
  • No to selling myself short and expecting less than what I’m worth.
  • No to relationships that drain me.

I say no no no…goodness me, I sound like Amy Winehouse already.
Who’s with me?

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John Kiama

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