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Launch now then improve later

You know that thing that you are trying to create.
Yes, the one that you keep editing, tweaking and refining until one day it’s perfect and then you can release it to the world? I have a challenge for you: go ahead, launch it now and improve it later.

As I write this, I’m reflecting on the many situations I blew time on great ideas that never saw the light of day. Heck, this blog was in my head for years until one day I decide to just start typing and hit publish. As a professional web designer, I’m not proud of the design and aesthetic but that’s not what’s important. The goal of a blog is to have valuable content, so why not start writing great stuff then tweak the design later.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of perfectionism. Instead for striving for perfection why not take massive imperfect actions towards your goals? I’ve found that it’s easier to improve things based on real tangible feedback from people that are interacting with your work rather than spending time tweaking and over-engineering things only to realise that no one cares.

So ahead. Hit publish, tell everyone about your work, launch it. You will feel scared at first then relived later.

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John Kiama

On this site, I share everything I've learnt (and still learning) from my personal and business growth. Hopefully, my life lesson can help can get to your goals faster, without making the same mistakes I’ve made.

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