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Welcome to my blog

What can a failed entrepreneur teach you about business and personal growth? Doesn’t all conventional wisdom tell you to find successful people and model them?

Everyone will tell you about their successes and not the rough path that helped them get to where they are now, or ugly behind the scenes behind the glitz and glamour. This blog is about war stories: the triumphs and failures from my personal and business growth journey and the lessons learnt along the way. Nothing is off the record, I will delve into the toughest topics and share what I’ve learnt from them.

I am obsessed with personal and business growth. I read about, dream about and practise every single day. I fundamentally believe that to grow a business, the founders and key leaders must also be committed to personal growth.

There is more to life than hustling. I hope to use this blog to share the lessons learnt from growing businesses and failing as well as the personal transformations. I’ll focus mainly on mindset, productivity, habits and business tips. Being a marketing and tech guy, my business advice will probably be skewed towards technology and online.

I am on a personal mission to demystify entrepreneurship and hopefully help other entrepreneurs avoid the same mistakes I’ve made.

Let’s do this.

John Kiama

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