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I help organisations drive Growth by leveraging technology & business strategy

Drive revenue. Streamline operations. Increase retention & profits

Since 2005, I have been helping organisations of all sizes solve some of their business growth challenges. How do you combine technology and business strategy to drive revenue, cut down inefficiencies and streamline operations as well as increase retention and profits?

My passion has been to understand consumer, technology and business model trends and distil these in a way that helps organisations leverage them to grow predictably and create a real impact.

Digital Marketing & Strategy

Helping businesses acquire high-value clients and deliver results through digital marketing and strategy.

  • Digital strategy consulting.
  • Paid Advertising.
  • Social Media strategy & management
  • Organic traffic methods
  • Website design.
  • Sales funnel implementation.
  • Marketing automation.

Technology Solution Design & Consulting

Helping organisations leverage technology to streamline operations, create new opportunities, increase revenue and grow predictably.

  • Technology Roadmap design
  • Business requirement analysis.
  • Solutions design & architecture.
  • Software product development.
  • User experience design.
  • Project management.

Business Strategy Consulting

Helping business owners and executives implement business growth strategies.

  • Strategic planning.
  • Business Advisory & Coaching.
  • Training and facilitation.
  • Executive board advisory.