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I help organisations drive Growth by leveraging marketing, technology & business strategy

Hi, Am John Kiama

Since 2005, I have been helping organisations of all sizes solve some of their biggest business growth challenges. How do you combine marketing, technology and business strategy to drive revenue, cut down inefficiencies and streamline operations as well as increase retention and profits?

Besides this entrepreneurship thing, am a suburban husband obsessed with personal growth and development. Books, podcast, videos, courses, seminars...yeah, I've consumed it all. I fundamentally believe you cannot grow a successful business without growing as founder


5 key mindsets for building a successful business in Adelaide

Many people regard Adelaide as one of the toughest markets in Australia to start and grow a business. In fact, there is even a common saying, “If you can make it in Adelaide, you can make it everywhere”.

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Welcome to my blog

Inside everyone one of us is a unique story, valuable lessons and knowledge that needs to be shared with the rest of humanity. Sometimes, it’s so easy to discount what we know and the value it can bring to people around us.

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